Yvette comes from a family in Wales which has been involved in the food industry for five generations. From a very young age she has had a love of baking, inspired principally by her own story. She developed coeliac disease at the age of two, and when her six children were also diagnosed with the same condition, she started baking bread and cakes for her children.

Thus, her love for baking and novelty cakes was born. She has been honing her skills for the last twenty years and her specialty is Gluten-Free baking. 

In 2012 Yvette opened her first Bakery/tea room and it was an instant success, her breads, cakes and pies attracted customers from all over The Netherlands and beyond.

Our ultimate selling point is that everything is made with high quality fresh ingredients and passion for our products.

Since we started 10 years ago we have experienced many changes . from a small bakery behind the shop with an international team of bakers.

The bakery became too small to accomodate our needs, in 2017 I moved the production bakery  to an industry park which our current location.

Since 2020 our webshop has grown as we adapted like many businesses to the COVID pandemic. Our products are also available from Biefit Healthfood store in Naaldwijk and online from www.Glutenvrijemarkt.com.

We currently have a small factory shop open every Saturday from

10:00 - 14:00.

Check out our webshop and our Instagram page for our products.